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Are you using your gifts and talents?

Have you ever worked on a project that pushed you to your limits in the very best way? Did this project exhaust you because you put your all into it, but at the same time leave you energized?

Whether you are in the workforce, volunteering, or CEO of the family home you have tasks that energize you and tasks that drain you.

By identifying your unique talents and learning how to implement them in your personal and professional life, you can make the biggest impact.


Invite Marie to Speak

Marie Fiebach’s message is for busy people who want to make the most of their lives by working in their unique gifts and talents. Marie helps audiences Identify and Implement their gifts and talents so they can do more of the work they love and make the biggest Impact in their work and community.

Using her years of experience recruiting and supporting adult volunteers Marie has learned how to recognize the unique gifts in every employee and volunteer. When people do the tasks that they enjoy, everyone wins! You will learn how to do more of the work you love.

Marie Fiebach speaks to conferences, corporations, volunteer organizations and more.

“I will teach you how to recognize your unique gifts and the gifts of others so that you can do more of the work you love and together have the greatest impact.”

– Marie Fiebach



When Marie is not out helping others learn about using their unique gifts, you will find her using her special talent helping busy families. She teaches them how to get weeknight dinner on the table so they can recapture a little calm in the crazy. She is a weekly guest on KAKE TV  and hosts the Feed Your Family Tonight podcast. You can see more at







  • Marie Fiebach is a tremendous public speaker.  I have had the opportunity to watch her engage multiple groups. Every time I have seen her speak, she is always able to connect in a very deep way and on many levels.  She is authentic, passionate and genuine; allowing her to draw her audience in for a meaningful exchange of ideas, dialogue and learning.

    Claudio Ferraro President, Via Christi Hospital, Saint Teresa, Wichita
  • Marie is my go-to gal when I need help planning meals or modifying recipes for special dietary needs.  She’s a gourmet foodie and at the same time, practical and thrifty.  Her knowledge of and creativity with food is incredible.

    Jill Austin Mother of 6 and Owner of Core Physical Therapy
  • I took your presentation seriously  and went to the store on Thursday and have my meals panned and groceries ready for next week and 3 quick meals in my pantry and freezer ready to go. Feels great to be prepared 🙂

    Teacher in USD 267 Teacher in USD 267
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