Cheeseburger Baked Potatoes With KAKE TV

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It’s November and most people in the food world are preparing for the BIG EVENT of Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and will be hosting it at my home this year. I love my traditional recipes for sweet potato and green bean casserole and there are always pumpkin and apple pies. But what many people forget is that you have to feed your family all month long. The week of Thanksgiving can be a challenge because your refrigerator is full of thawing turkeys and lots of ingredients needed for Thanksgiving dinner.

While it is easy to overlook the beginning for Thanksgiving week, if you take a few minutes and plan ahead, you won’t be tempted to call out for pizza. I try to avoid poultry at the beginning of Thanksgiving week because I know we will be eating turkey and leftovers for days.

Cheeseburger Baked Potatoes are super simple to make and require very few ingredients. It can even be an excuse to get a little more room in your refrigerator by using up the few remaining pickles at the bottom of the jar, or that last little bit of leftover cheese. Click on the video below to learn how to make this easy weeknight dinner perfect for the beginning of Thanksgiving week.

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